As an artist working in both analog and digital mediums, I deal with the philosophical concepts of existentialism, loneliness, and the dichotomy of existence, especially as they relate to our rapidly evolving technological existence.
My work explores the intersection of these complex ideas, using abstract forms and physical found materials to convey a sense of both isolation and interconnectedness. Through my art, I seek to express the deep sense of loneliness that can come from contemplating the vastness of the universe, the reality of our lack of choice in existence, and our role in dealing with said reality, while also acknowledging the potential for a transcendent, collective experience in the face of this existential crisis.
In my analog methods, I utilize a range of tactile materials, such as wood, metal, paint and fabric, to create textures that evoke a sense of both fragility and strength. These objects exist in a state of flux, suggesting that the boundaries between the physical and digital realms are increasingly blurred.
The introduction of digital process establishes the power of this abstraction to convey complex emotions and ideas, namely dealing with our nihilistic existence under the awning that is the technological singularity. The repetitive application of digital augmentation creates a gastroenteric consumption of my real-world tactile creations and represents the intangible inner workings of our minds in the lens of our digital universe.
In my art, I seek to create a space for contemplation and reflection on these dilemmas. I hope to inspire viewers to consider their own relationship to the digital and to the larger forces that shape our existence. Ultimately, I believe that by engaging with these themes, we can come to a deeper understanding of what it means to be human in the 21st century and beyond.

The Digital Roots — LUME Studio, FRIEZE NYC 2022
Roads Not Taken — OFFF Festival — Design Museum of Barcelona, April 2022
Graffiti Queens — Pranksy's Palooza, Metaverse, March 2022

Get Minimal — Zardoz Club, Metaverse, August 2021
Pranksy's Palooza, Metaverse, August 2021
Metamorphosis, Dark Room Gallery, New York, September 2018

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