Select Acrylic Reactions were featured at OFFF 2015 Barcelona
Joshua Davis’s “The Deepest of Space” Installation for OFFF Fest 2015**
"The Deepest of Space / a chillout installation experience by Sub Rosa, Joshua Davis and Christina Latina, feat. Jana Stýblová for the OFFF festival, Barcelona / 3.9 x 15.7 meters / 13 x 52 feet

This installation showcased different realtime audio reactive states… inside and outside the mesh, levels of mesh image displacement, thresholds for texture swapping on the mesh, rotation directions and speeds, subtle core oscillation, etc.

Excited to announce that ChromaDepth 3D paper glasses will be provided in the space to further enhance the 3D scenes. Christina provided some of her illustrations for the Bean Bags in the space, etc." 

Video, Photos and Description courtesy of Joshua Davis

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